SF veteran Zack Wright (a.k.a. Deceptikon) will release his latest LP, Presido, on July 7 via Project: Mooncircle. Wright is a true pioneer in the electronic music scene, having previously released on the highly influential but now defunct American label Merck Records—the same label that introduced Machinedrum, Tycho, and Jimmy Edgar to the world—as well as his own Deceptikon Industries label and Daly City Records. His new LP is a return to his roots of “introspective, mellow, instrumental electronic music, a home listening record instead of a club or dance record.” In support of the release, XLR8R has been gifted “From Time From Time,” a beautiful, guitar-lead outing that will perfectly soundstrack the summer months ahead. “From Time From Time” can be grabbed for free below, with the full album for preorder here.

From Time From Time