Kid Smpl should be a name that is quite familiar with XLR8R’s regular readership. In the past, he’s provided us with a brilliantly sprawling podcast, as well as numerous world class cuts for our downloads section, and we featured him as a Bubblin’ Up artist back in January of 2013. Now, the Seattle producer returns with a twisted and industrialised remix of Deebs and Jarell Perry’s track “Home.” Originally released as part of Deebs and Jarell Perry’s EP Shift, “Home” gets a complete overhaul in the hands of Kid Smpl, who flips the R&B-tinged cut into a haunting sonic slab full of metallic percussion, detuned vocals, and sand-papered synth textures. You can pick up the track for free below and for those in Seattle, you can catch Kid Smpl at dB2015 Optical Kick-Off Party.

Home (Kid Smpl remix)