Berlin’s Dirt Crew imprint have been solidly releasing deep, soulful house for the better part of six years now and today sees the release of the label’s 50th offering, a comp entitled Deep Love (artwork above) where you’ll find this tune of the same name. The Dirt Crew duo, consisting of producers/label founders Break 3000 and James Flavour, kick things off in usual deep house fashion, implementing a pounding drum beat, dark bass, and a washy chopped chord to drive the song’s first two-plus minutes. That’s when things start to get interesting as the duo drops in a jazzy electric piano riff that glides effortlessly atop a fresh, skittering beat. The two sections go back and forth, coaxing various elements to the foreground as they traverse the eight-minute track without disturbing the essential groove maintained by the steady, low bass. This gem of Berlin house can be found amongst 14 other exclusive tracks from seasoned Dirt Crew-associated producers such as Chymera, Mano Le Tough, and a few of the imprint’s newest roster additions.

Deep Love