Deep Space Orchestra is the collaborative project of Chris Barker and Si Murray, a team of sophisticated music lovers that are currently based out of the UK. Since breaking on to the scene in 2011, the duo has released successful productions on labels such as Delusions of Grandeur, Quintessentials, and Instruments of Rapture. In 2015, the pair started contributing regularly to the highly eclectic KMAH station radio shows, and completed their debut album entitled Memory, which is due for release on their home-base label, Use of Weapons. Never wanting to sound like a one-trick pony, Deep Space Orchestra conjured up an original mood with its new album, and are now offering up a free download ahead of its album release schedule. “Dream States” is a bass led track that combines a visceral lust for rhythm with a soothing and warm foundation that also has its phasers set to stun. You can pick up a copy of Deep Space Orchestra’s Memory LP when it drops on Use of Weapons on September 28.

Dream States