At the start of this month, Rick Bull dropped his latest Deepchild release, an EP titled Luminous (Pt.1), via Seppuku Records.

According to Bull, Luminous (Pt.1) “forms the first part of an ongoing audio scrapbook, meditating on the life of a father being both unmade and reborn by the slow creep of Alzheimer’s disease.” The EP is an offering to his father and himself, and looks to open up a “long-overdue series of conversations about mental health.”

The music presented on the EP is evocative and beautiful; dubby, hazy cuts that float in and out of a textured sonic realm that brings to mind the work of Burial and Bull’s AcharnĂ© project.

In support of the release, Bull has offered up a bonus cut titled “Blush” as today’s XLR8R download, available via WeTransfer below. You can pick up the full record here.