For today’s download, we are running with two newbies: first off, it’s the debut release from Barcelona-based Degray. There’s not a lot known about him at this point, and with his concern for keeping a low online profile, we probably won’t get to find out much more anytime soon. Instead, it’s his music that’s doing the talking: Two-tracker The Source came out earlier this month, and is indicative of great promise, striking as the kind of techno that’s been years in the making. It’s also a first for the label, Parse Audio, and a strong start it is, with a couple of high-quality moody four-to-the-floor cuts.

Degray has kindly offered the B-side from said EP for download. A deep trip through layers of minimalist percussion, and mournful, melancholic pads, it’s still endowed with more than enough juice to make it dancefloor ready—something for those more reflective moments.

The Source came out at the beginning of the month, and can be bought from the Parse Store. Download “Mainframe” below via WeTransfer.