Barcelona-based quartet Delorean returned this summer with Muzik, their latest full-length via the group’s PHLEX label.

Walking the line between pop and electronic music, Delorean craft sunny, synth-soaked melodies paired with traditional rock arrangements and slow-burning dance rhythms. On Muzik, the group decided to focus primarily on the electronic realm, trading in their guitars for synths and going full throttle on the four-to-the-flour pulse, channeling ’80s pop and contemporary Balearic house.

Soon the group will release a remix package of the album, but today they have shared a Pedro Vian remix of lead single “Muzik”, a cut that was produced by fellow Spaniard Pional—downloadable via the WeTransfer button below.

This is what the band had to say:

Hi! We’re happy to finally share the remixes of our album Muzik. Honestly, we can’t be happier with the artists that contributed to this special release. Pional, who already worked on the production of the single “Muzik”, delivers a rather pop rework of the song showing off his already known finesse and talent. Pedro Vian, both producer and commander in chief of the label Modern Obscure Music, shares with us a downtempo remix of Muzik, halfway between the dark ambiance of his own work and the pop nuances of the original song. Finally, El Guincho presents a 100% free version of Contra: new lyrics, new beat and new vibe on this heavy bass and melodyne driven espanish cover that you will surely be able to sing along.

MUZIK (Obscure Pedro Vian Remix)