London producer Wafa (who has previously released music on Grizzly and also moonlights as the drummer for Basement Jaxx) has spun this hyperactive tune from burgeoning Frenchmen Canblaster (pictured above) and Sam Tiba into an even more bombastic floor burner. The original “Delphes,” which comes from Canblaster’s recent Totem EP for the Marble imprint, sees its percussive edges sharpened and its glistening web of futuristic club sounds condensed into a three-plus minute whirlwind of sirens, spaceship lift-offs, and irresistible drum programming. Legend has it that this edit came in just a bit too late to find its way onto the initial release of the Totem EP, so we should all count ourselves lucky that the good folks over at Marble (that is Surkin, Bobmo, and Para One) are a generous bunch and still decided to float this little gem into the world for our listening pleasure anyway.

Delphes (Wafa Re Rubber Edit)