Though UK producer Mark E has been hard at work crafting and releasing an array of minimally minded techno/house singles since 2005, he won’t have a proper full-length under his belt until Ghostly sister label Spectral drops it on May 17 (read more about the album here). Stone Breaker is a nine-track behemoth of a debut LP, and this extended version of “Deny This” is just a taste of what those lengthy dancefloor burners have to offer. While the kick drum’s incessant pulse carries Mark E’s composition across its nine-plus-minute runtime, clattering percussive sounds, bouyant basslines, simple synth melodies, and ominous vocal samples come and go seemingly at random. Things rarely pick up in intensity on “Deny This (Extended Version),” and even when they do, the sonic shift is subtle and short lived. We look forward to hearing what other aural nuances are in store when Stone Breaker is released next month.

Deny This (Extended Version)