“Despre Ei” is the kind of track that is good at taking its time. Serving as the closing effort on Romanian trio Premiesku‘s More 4 EP, the seven-plus-minute production is anchored by a slippery bass pattern which hypnotically cycles through its one-bar loop as the rest of the track’s rhythmic elements dig deeper and deeper. Over the course of the production, Premiesku methodically pieces together thick hats and sharp percussion, on top of which the trio places dubby chords, distant field recordings, detailed layers of electronic glitches, and even a few glimpses of what sounds like a large choir (bathed in reverb, of course). When it all comes together, it’s hard not to get sucked down into the production’s dense, chugging path. “Despre Ei” and the rest of Premiesku’s three-track More 4 EP will see a full release later this month via the Apollonia label.

Despre Ei