Last week, Yuksek debuted his new side project, Destino, with a stellar three-track EP on La Belle Records

With two originals and a remix from Alek Lee, the new release was a result of spontaneous live jams “looking for textures and not worrying about genres, tempo, or length of the track,” says the artist. The two originals on the EP play out in slow motion, rocking back and forth in hypnotic waves perfectly fit for summer. From “Louis,” a five-and-a-half minute ride through swaying grooves, warped dubby vocals, and intoxicating synth flourishes, to the laid-back rhythm and cosmic guitar work of “Isla Granda” and Alex Lee’s more driving, floor-focused interpretation, the EP is a prominent edition to Yuksek’s already beaming catalog.  

The release is out now and can be grabbed here, with “Louis” available as a free download via WeTransfer below.

Due to temporary issues regarding the GDPR, EU readers can download the track here.