After contributing a standout track to Dropping Gems’ recent Gem Drops Two compilation, Portland producer Natasha Kmeto has revealed plans to return to the label with a new EP, The Ache (artwork above). “Detox Saturday” appears towards the end of the forthcoming endeavor with a bouncing beat, space-age synths, and some deliciously buzzing low-end glides. The heavenly vocal harmonies which float atop the beat are Kmteo’s own, side-chained and looped in order to add an extra sense of rhythm and movement to the three-minute endeavor. We’re told to expect similarly vibrant efforts that combine bass-centric productions with hearty helpings of soulful vocals when The Ache drops on February 14. You can peep the full tracklist for the forthcoming EP after the jump.

The Ache Tracklist:
01 Big Face
02 This Is For You
03 Not Perfect
04 Snake Charmer
05 Ouzo Fade
06 Valley
07 The Ache
08 Detox Saturday
09 Snake Charmer (The Great Mundane Remix)
09 The Ache (Letherette Remix)
10 Detox Saturday (Danny Corn Remix)

Detox Saturday