This Robot Koch (pictured above) track, from the forthcoming Friends of Friends Volume 3, the latest edition of the label’s ongoing split-release series, may be called “Devil Drums,” but we think the remix by Alex B would be better off entitled “Satanic Synths.” Sure, the crushing ‘boom-blap’ of the Denver resident’s production is slightly sinister, but it’s that damned sawtooth-wave synth that we wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. The buzzing tone lumbers ominously through the song, even while the tempo gradually kicks things up a notch, and is constantly surrounded by a minion of plugin-addled noise from dimensions far more ghastly than our own. We’ll see how the track matches up next to the offerings from the EP’s co-pilot, Mexicans with Guns, along with other remixes from Salva, King Cannibal, Lunice, Mux Mool, and Free the Robots when the record comes out on October 5.

11 Devil Drums (Alex B Remix)