Italian techno producer Distant Echoes will present his first EP of the new year, Rough Waves, a four-track pack out on the Berlin-based, Southern-Italy born Out-ER label.

Distant Echoes has been building a name in the last few years since he debuted on the Dystopian label in 2014 and toured all around the world, yet, he’s been producing and playing electronic/house/techno music for almost two decades. As Out-ER co-founder, he previously released music before the beginning of his bond with Dystopian. In the last years, while Distant Echoes has mostly focused on releasing on Dystopian, Out-ER has indeed expanded its range of collaborations worldwide, by putting out music from Juan Atkins, Orlando Voorn, Terrence Dixon and more.

Distant Echoes now readies the first instalment on his own label with his newest moniker, showcasing his typical sound: deep, intense grooves, and gloomy soundscapes crafted with exceptional productional accuracy. “Rough Waves” is to be released on vinyl and digital at the end of February.


A1 / 1. Flight Mode
A2 / 2. Brikap
B1 / 3. Modetest8
B2 / 4. Femidi

In advance of the release, you can download “Flight Mode” via the WeTransfer button below.

Flight Mode