For two years now, Hilltop imprint has continued to grow in the Parisian music scene, with more gigs and a monthly show at Rinse France. Led by Jonathan Keita (Pawn Heart, now a.k.a DJ DeClerk) and Benoît Legrain, the label is on the verge to release its third record, titled the Madliberty EP.

It’s a split EP, as the two previous releases; although this time, rather than sharing the two faces with tracks of their own, the two shills are now making tracks together under the Program10 alias.

While keeping the idea of a simple, raw and true sound, they finally worked together to reach what they were wishing for: “a solid based house music, connected with and representing the urban universe they grew up in, northern areas of the city and Banlieue, including the specific landscape, the melting pot, the very present hip-hop culture.”

In advance of the Madliberty EP’s release tomorrow, DJ DeClerk’s “No Sleep At All” is downloadable below.


A1. Program10 – Madliberty
A2. Program10 – LAX
B1. DJ DeClerk – No Sleep At All

No Sleep At All