DJ Legwarmer will release his debut solo EP, Full On, next month via No She Doesn’t. The Portuguese producer previously contributed a solo cut to the Lisbon label’s opening EP, which we offered for free download

In a playful take on house, Legwarmer stretches out the multiple ways of making bodies move, taking cues from disco and RnB. Opening with “Quandary,” an untamed piece of rhythm activity steeped in lush disco fragments, the EP follows with title track “Full On.” On the flip side, we find a dreamy cut of exotica on “Emotion/Behaviour,” before “Mar De Nuvens,” the final piece where DJ Legwarmer demonstrates his instinctive feel for emotive and catchy samples. In support of the EP, out July 1, we’re offering up “Mar De Nuvens” as one of today’s free downloads, available now via the WeTransfer button below, or here for EU readers. Pre-order is available here


01. Quandary

02. Full On

03. Emotion/Behaviour

04. Mar De Nuvens