The TAR Class of 2017 Vol. II compilation continues the tradition of bringing past, present, and future members of the label together for a catalog look at what’s to come and what has happened in the past year or so. The compilation is 13 tracks ranging from experimental noise, footwork, bass & future hip-hop.

DJ Tre is a longstanding TEKLIFE member and has put out a release on TAR in 2015 via the TEK x TAR series. “Gettin’ Happy!”, his contribution to this compilation, is available to download below.


01. 111X “Fading To The Background”
02. DJ Tre “Gettin Happy!”
03. Norfik “Escape”
04. ADAMAS1080p “Jet Riddim”
05. Alfred English “Adidas Seatbelt”
06. Silkersoft “Yama Sonne”
08. Jade Statues “Pulse Cannon”
09. DJ Lucky Brand “1,2,3, Hit It!”
10. BEAN “Padre”
11. Deantoni Parks “Manchester’s Undertow”
12. GRIG “All Cars Have Nitro”
13. Foodman x NTsKi “Three Man”

Gettin’ Happy!