DJUnwind is the pseudonym of producer and self-taught multi-instrumentalist Brad LaBarbera. As DJUnwind, LaBarbera has released three short-format albums which are easily recognizable for their laid back production and unique fusion of wide-ranging stylistic influences. Together with Southern California producer Levphonic (a.k.a. Mike Davis), the two music makers became an exceptionally rare pairing that effortlessly create multi-layered sonic sculptures without adhering to one specific genre. Levphonic also blends many different musical styles and live instrumentation into his music both in the studio and on the stage when he is performing.

Together for their latest venture, DJ Unwind & Levphonic have released a beautiful down-tempo groove called “Restless.” This new track quickly engulfs you from the very first notes, and as it builds from its ghostly beginnings into a full rising soundscape, you start to feel as though you are entering into a realm of the supernatural. 

Find out more about DJ Unwind and Levphonic by visiting the Velvet Music Group website. You can download their new track “Restless” for free by clicking on the WeTransfer widget below.