Distal‘s sci-fi inspired music label Anarchostar has enlisted DJ Vague (a.k.a Helix) for the labels third official release, whose 12″ Restoring Nature tells the tale of a technocratic government and the drones they use to rule over the planet’s population. Each release on the highly conceptual label reveals new information about the fictional planet known as The Anarchostar, with a highly stylized comic and music videos. You can read the comic for DJ Vauge’s Restoring Naturerelease by going to the Anarchostar website here.

Following this release, Distal and DJ Vague graciously offered up the track that didn’t 100% fit in with the release, but still remains close to their hearts, titled “4.” Hulking and crunchy, the track bounces along in a consistent, iron-handed fashion while unconstrained, sparse, and fluttering synth arrangements delightfully hover above the cumbersome drum pattern.

You can download the track in full below via WeTransfer.