Parisian producer Djebali recently released his debut album, titled 5.

The number not only marks the number of years that have passed since his label was conceived but also represents the months it took to complete his very first long-player. This is an important milestone in any artist’s career, the first time they have the opportunity to create something timeless—a culmination of all of their experiences so far, and a statement about where they are, and where they’re going.

Djebali’s entry into house music came via his early DJ forays with a college friend. The duo picked music that was a happy medium between his beloved hip-hop and the “super super hard” hardcore music Djebali’s friend liked. From that point onwards he was hooked, eventually hitting the clubs and making all the right connections that led to his first release, with Jay Haze on Tuning Spork in 2008. Fast forward eight years and he’s now head of his own label, ( djebali ), which he’s using to self-release his debut LP.

The album is a collection of dancefloor-focused tracks, interspersed with a few experiments and unified by Djebali’s love of deep, sultry grooves and classic house motifs—the result of six months in the studio with his collection of vintage gear. To keep the music cohesive, he maintained a working process that involved working on all the projects on this album in the same session.

5 is available to purchase now. In addition to this, “Suzaku,” a groovy and melodic album highlight featuring John Dimas, is available to download via the WeTransfer button below.

 Djebali and John Dimas (Photo credit: Flavien Prioreau).


01. Intro
02. Flamingo
03. Nineties Playground
04. Mister Bastard
05. Heartgroover
06. D B Cooper
07. The Other Night
08. God’s Dreams
09. Ideal Dawn
10. Passion
11. Seven Blessings
12. Suzaku Feat John Dimas

Suzaku feat John Dimas