Parisian producer Djebali has recently unveiled “Once a Month” through which he will release 12 free tracks (one each month), aiming to “give fans and digital collectors a chance to have music that is exclusive to the format.” The May edition comes in the shape of a groovy house number, which can be downloaded via the WeTransfer button at the bottom of this page. 

Since he launched his own record label back in 2011, Djebali has been focused on releasing his music almost exclusively on vinyl. But now, to restore a little balance, he launches this new project with the intention of delivering a series of tracks that are only available in digital format.

To maintain exclusivity, each release will only be available for three weeks, with Djebali planning to make each freebie different and unique in its own way—whether it’s a bumping dance floor cut, a cheeky edit, a remix or maybe something a little more experimental. 

As an additional bonus, Djebali is collaborating with a visual artist for this new venture, giving it even more of a personal touch. Maku Lopez, a Spanish photographer, will contribute 12 of her own works for each of the free releases. Based in New York, Maku began her career in Madrid shooting still photography for films. In 2011, she created Monster Studio in Madrid and collaborated with a range of publications, focusing her energy on fashion photography and editorial portraits. The artwork for each release will use images from her “Food Scrap” project, based on exploring the beauty of the mundane.