After dropping the dense “No More” almost exactly a month ago, the increasinglly generous UK producer Hackman (pictured above) has offered up another free tune. This time, we’re treated to a collaborative effort with English housesmith Klic (a.k.a. Medlar), called “Do Right.” The tune hits just about everything on our “good house track” checklist: jumpy-yet-soulful chords, sumptuous bass, thick four-on-the-floor drums, shuffling shakers, and just the right touch of chopped-up diva vocals. And just for good measure, the pair even threw in a filtered drum break here and there to keep things lively. We couldn’t really tell you where Hackman’s recent streak of generosity came from, or how long it’s going to last, but we certainly are thankful it’s here while we continue waiting for a proper full-length album from the guy.

Do Right