Earlier this week, Sweedish pop outfit Blänk unvieled its latest single, “Do This Thing,” through their own Grind imprint. The song was recorded in Atlanta, and while there, the trio enlisted a couple of Southern producers to help out with remix duties. This one is from Texan bass lover Dubbel Dutch, who alters the sugary single into something more stripped-down and percussive. The original song liberally samples from the chorus of Peter Bjorn & John’s “Nothing to Worry About,” and while Dubbel Dutch leaves much of that intact, he creates an eerie vibe out of the child choir. Missouri’s Norrit also contributed a remix, featuring masterfully chopped vocals and fresh warbling synth tones, which you can stream and download for free, along with the rest of the single, after the jump.

Do This Thing (Dubbel Dutch Remix)