Like everyone else who heard it, we LOVED the Crazy Cousinz remix of Kyla‘s “Do You Mind?” when it dropped in 2008. (To be honest, we’re still loving that track.) Ever since then, we’ve been waiting for the UK pop diva to come up with something similarly awesome. Her latest single, “Don’t Play With My Heart,” has its moments—peep the video here—but it’s not really a funky track. But when we spotted this Roska remix of the song over at FACT yesterday, our mouths definitely began salivating a bit. Unfortunately, Roska’s re-work doesn’t quite reach the heights we were hoping for, but it does swap out the original’s glossy hip-hop/R&B production for his usual assortment of stripped-down kicks and snares. He also employs a sparse little synth melody that quickly installed itself in our heads, so even though this tune may not qualify as an instant classic, it’s certainly good enough to tide us over for a few days.

Kyla – Dont Play With My Heart [Roska RMX]