Amsterdam duo Know V.A. (a.k.a. Marijn Brussaard & Feico De Muinck Keizer) recently released its O Horizon EP via Lowriders Collective, and has now passed along its acerbic-yet-alluring album closer. The Houston-based grime producer Rabit seems to care less how rhythms can work together on his version of “Donkey Kong,” and focuses more on how individual trajectories can foster an uncanny and captivating sonic landscape. His production continues the original’s minimalist approach, adding to the mix a shrill and quivering synth that quite nearly overpowers the simple beat bouncing underneath. The erratic tempo of “Donkey Kong (Rabit Remix)” is further complicated by disjointed clicks and taps that circulate until the track concludes unexpectedly with a continuous hum of white noise.

Donkey Kong (Rabit Remix)