On May 17, the illustrious DFA label will release the brand-new LP from Germany’s dramatic, leftfield electro-pop artist Planningtorock, W. The album’s first single, “Doorway” (pictured above), will drop prior to that on April 28, and features remixes from the likes of Mt. Sims and Brooklyn dark-pop alchemists Creep, whose work is featured here. As one might expect from Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard, the duo has dragged “Doorway” further into the depths of reverb-heavy electronics, but also highlights the rework with brighter touches of melody from string instruments and other sparkling sounds sampled from Planningtorock’s original track. In the end, Creep’s remix actually sounds less ominous than its predecessor, which is quite refreshing to hear from one of the earliest proponents of witch house. (via FADER)

Doorway (Creep Remix)