A longstanding patron of forward-thinking bass tunes, London’s Paul Dolby (a.k.a. Seiji) has yet another 12″ to add to his expansive to discography, the Seiji 2: Straylight / Weedkiller single. Those tunes just dropped on the producer’s eponymous record label (you can stream/buy them here), and to help ring in the imprint’s second release, Seiji is giving out this free, non-record track, “Dope Fix.” The song jumps, skitters, and grooves like much of Dolby’s future-house numbers, albeit in a slightly more atonal fashion. There may be no proper melody in “Dope Fix,” but that’s the point; Seiji’s production is a work focused on interlocked polyrhythms and the thick bounce that club-goers crave.

Dope Fix