Back on September 15, Alpha Pup teamed up with the creators of Nidhogg II to release the game’s soundtrack.

The 13-track release features original soundtrack tunes from Mux Mool, Geotic, Daedelus, and Dosoeone, and is available on cassette, CD, and digital formats. The Nidhogg team and creator Mark “Messhof” Essen sourced the soundtrack elements from Daedelus, who brought in Ghostly International’s Mux Mool and Osborne, and Anticon’s Doseone and Geotic (a.k.a. Baths). Like the game itself, which is a colorful return to side-scrolling style gaming, the music is a collection of vibrant, beat-driven cuts from some of the beat scene’s key stalwarts.

In support of the release, Alpha Pup has offered up Doseone’s warped outing “Number1” as today’s XLR8R download, available via WeTransfer below.

You can pick up the full release here.



1. Mux Mool “Intentional Death and Dismemberment Plan”
2. Geotic “Knapsack”
3. Mux Mool “Thrust”
4. Mux Mool “Raw Gore”
5. Mux Mool “Menu Chow”
6. Osborne “Sums”
7. Mux Mool “Hog Knuckles”
8. Mux Mool “Land Of Sand”
9. Doseone “Number1”
10. Mux Mool “Foghat Leghat”
11. Daedelus “Tiptoes”
12. Mux Mool “Oh Yeah”
13. Mux Mool “Grunt”