It will be 2016 before Alec Carlsson is finally legally permitted to enter most nightclubs in the United States, but the 17-year-old French producer has already begun turning heads with his house productions. Earlier this week, the wunderkind dropped a four-track EP for Stripped & Chewed, a Chicago-based imprint recently founded by DJ/producer Ghosts Of Venice. The EP is titled Doux Velour, and contains two originals and two remixes. This “New Jack City Dub” from young German producer Borrowed Identity takes the filter house of the EP’s title track and blends it with the jacking sounds of old-school Chicago. It won’t be on the EP, but an acid-flavored 303 remix by Borrowed Identity will be, as will a rework from German duo Chicago Life. If this tune has piqued your interest, listen to a preview of Doux Velour and spy its artwork, after the jump.

Doux Velour (Borrowed Identity Raw Jack City Dub)