French bar/club/label/DJ and production crew La Dame Noir recently issued the 13-track The Long Long Summer compilation, a collection of modern disco cuts from a sampling of the Marseille label’s closest affiliates and like-minded cohorts. Amongst the tracklist could be found “Down & Out in Paris and Manchester,” a particularly spacey outing from, naturally, Manchester’s Pulp Disco & The Outcasts; here the outfit has offered up its “Love Story Mix” of the track for free download. An extended jaunt through slow-motion disco, the production is peppered with miniature sonic details—light guitar strums, subtly tweaked synths, and pensive percussion hits among them—that fill the space between the effort’s steady four-on-the-floor and its lush bassline, all of which comes topped off by a few choice tidbits of airy vocals.

Down & Out in Paris And Manchester (Love Story Mix)