Adi and Walrus have shared a live B2B mix recorded at Crevette Records, an hour of which is available to download below. Click the arrow in the top right-hand corner to stream or click here.

Over the last few years, Colombia-based artist Adi has developed a stellar reputation for raw, stripped-back electronic sounds. In 2018, alongside her partner, Theories, she launched Automagically, a platform for music and art, showcasing artists such as Francesco Del Garda, Audio Werner, Unai Trotti, and many more. Adi is also a member of the Cartulis family, with close ties to founder Unai Trotti, both of whom share a love for a unique brand of warped-out techno inspired by the sounds of Uruguayan electronic institution Phonotheque.

Walrus is a DJ and producer from Brussels who revels in idiosyncratic club music. His DJ-sets are carefully crafted yet don’t follow any particular formula and he’s not afraid to test his audience with off-kilter selections. His record label Basic Moves continues this theme, releasing music that tests the outer limits of house, techno, and electro. He also works part-time at the iconic Brussels store where this mix took place by taking care of the curation for the secondhand record section.

Back in early September, as we were coming out of a summer full of newfound freedom and musical exploration, the pair teamed up at Crevette Records for an inspired B2B. Adi and Walrus find a perfect middle ground between their respective sounds, combining the south American-inspired sounds of London’s Cartulis Music and the local underground scene of Brussels and Basic Moves via chunky drum-machine grooves and psychedelic melodies that to move your feet and minds.

The mix can be streamed in full via the player below, with an hour length download available exclusively to XLR8R+ subscribers.

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