This Friday, June 25, Infiné Music will release the latest EP from Basile3, titled Sans Retour.

Following on from the Ciel Rouge EP, which inventively used the human voice across a collection of southern US hip-hop, dubstep, house, and abstract electronics, Sans Retour presents six hyperreal sonic environments that combine gut-churning sub-bass with organic textures and sci-fi-like synthetic percussion. Like its album cover, it’s an intriguing piece of art full of otherworldly spaces that warrant continued exploration and immersion.

In support of the EP, Infiné has offered up the EP’s title track as an XLR8R download, available to XLR8R+ subscribers below. Recorded as a way for Basile3 to “project into a more intense fantasized life than what reality has been for months,“ “Sans Retour” is the EP’s most intense, club-focused track, although, within that club framework, Basile3 has imbued a floating sense of beauty and wonder via nimble percussion and dreamlike sound design that provides the perfect escapist’s soundtrack.


1. Extase
2. Sans Retour
3. Abundance Is A Myth
4. The Oxygen, The Walk, The Dreamer and The Bird
5. Ciel Rouge feat. Simili Gum (Spring Mix)
6. 3 4ever

Sans Retour will drop this Friday and can be preordered via Infiné’s Bandcamp, with the title track available as a download below.

Full XLR8R+ Members can download the track below. If you’re not an XLR8R+ member, you can read more about it and subscribe here.