Late last year, Brock Van Wey and Lacey Harris, known as bvdub and Inquiri, respectively, released the Destroyesterday. album.

Although mostly ambient, the album has its roots in the California rave scene of the ’90s.

Like many in the electronic lexicon, Van Wey and Lacey entered the scene as ravers and DJs, with Lacey still regularly playing today. Comprised of four 20-minute tracks, the LP could be seen as a fitting soundtrack to a post-rave cab-ride home; a rain-speckled introspective wind-down.

But it’s more than simply a morning-after zone out; it stands on its own as an emotive hauntology of the reasons why many of us end up in the rave scene in the first place: to “overcome the debilitating prisons of our pasts,” as Van Wey states in the linear notes.

Across each track, which play out like acts of a play, filled with chapters that ebb and flow leading the listener through the grander vision, Van Wey sequences complex melodies with textures that feel intentionally hand-stitched. Harris’ vocals explore similar terrain, floating in and out of the sonic bed with varied intensity. It’s a cathartic experience that offers an escape and release of emotions and is the work of two deeply connected artists.

Last week week, Van Wey released a new album, titled Leaving—in between he also managed to squeeze out another album, Asleep in Ultramarine, an 80-minute piece of engulfing ambient.

Leaving picks up where Destroyesterday. left off, comprising another set of four 20-minute tracks, this time with floating breaks and fractured rhythms accompanying his signature melodic distortion.

In celebration of both releases, Van Wey has offered up a download of “Please Let Go and Let Me Hold You,” the third track from Destroyesterday., and a perfect encapsulation of the album and his recent work. Across its 20-minute runtime, synths swell and swirl in unpredictable waves, interacting with Inquiri’s heart-arching vocal lines as the song dances toward an all-encompassing crescendo.

The download is available to XLR8R subscribers as an mp3 below. Head to the bvdub Bandcamp to support the artist and download the music in your high-quality format of choice.

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