Lithuanian electronic duo Five Rituals (comprised of Deividas Jaroška and Andrius Grinevskis) will release their debut album, V Rituals, via Ledomat Musique on March 5.

According to the duo, the LP is themed around love, despair, inner work, “and pollution in the outer world and the dangers we all face.” It utilizes field recordings made during lockdown of “now destroyed places.”

The duo worked with contemporary classic and alternative jazz musicians to refine their sound and further their exploration of electro-acoustic sample manipulation.

The two tracks that have been released, “Third” and “Pungi,” display an intriguing dichotomy of light and dark, employing hushed voices, stomach-churning bass, euphoric synth lines, and rolling percussion to great effect.

In support of the LP, the duo have offered up D.J. Ritual’s remix of the album’s closing track, “Decaying Ground,” as today’s XLR8R download, available to XLR8R+ subscribers below.

Focusing on ’90s rave-inspired breaks, D.J. Ritual takes the listener through a dizzying labyrinth of sounds that teeter on the edge of collapse, while retaining the emotional core of the original.


01. Pulchra Terram
02. From Dust to Dust
03. Third
04. ….. ……. .-. .. – ..- .- .-.. … –.. .— -… .
05. Fifth child was diff’rent
06. Gold and Glass
07. This (feat. Sheep Effect)
08. Tune in, Drop out
09. No Math At All
10. Pungi
11. Water
12. Decaying Ground

V Ritual will drop on March 5 digitally and as a limited edition double-vinyl, with pre-order available here. You can also stream a 50-minute live set from the duo below.

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