Having released on on platforms such as Token, PercTrax, Stroboscopic Artefacts, and the HueHelix imprint, Go Hiyama is back with a new LP on Parachute Records, titled I Am Goodbye.

According to the label, I Am Goodbye “graces us with wondrous sound design and drum patterns that are just as menacing as they are intricate.” The LP, the label continues, is based on the concept of denial and takes a “steep dive” into “individuality.” Steering away from what are his “canonic approaches” to producing, Go Hiyama chose to leave behind sequencers and synths to further explore the nature of instruments such as piano and vibraphone as well as an array of field recordings. The end result is an LP that allowed him to “explore areas of sound he had previously never visited.”

Ahead of the LP’s April 7 release, “Piano” is streamable below and downloadable via the WeTtransfer button, too.

“Piano was the first track I came up with when starting on I Am Goodbye. It was when the concept of denial came to mind and when emotions gradually emerged. In this track, I looked for unstableness. It denied all of my rules about music, including BPM, bar, measure, instruments, and other rules I would usually follow when making music. Through the process of production, I subsequently noticed that this allowed me to interpret the concept of denial in a positive way.”