Photo: Ilya Shnitser

Kamron Saniee released his latest EP, Euphoric Studies, on March 5 via SVS Records.

Euphoric Studies is Saniee’s sophomore solo release, following on from 2017’s Tantric Dub LP on VE-302. Keeping in line with the sonic landscape laid out on that first LP, Euphoric Studies deals in ethereal dub and minimalistic experimentation—it’s super-charged hyper dub shining with fierce lucidity. All six tracks fall within this dub-wise framework, from the frenetic rhythmic energy of “Rhythm Force” to the stripped-back haunting atmospheres of “Badinage.”

In support of the release, Saniee, based in New York, has offered up the EP’s bonus track, “Cha,” as an XLR8R download, available to XLR8R+ subscribers below. Across the four-minute run time, Saniee lays spiraling synth lines over a stuttering low-slung groove that will surely whet the appetite of dub aficionados.


01. Eutessaron
02. Rhythm Force
03. Amnion
04. Badinage
05. Euphoton
06. Cha (Bonus Track)

You can purchase Euphoric Studies via the SVS Records Bandcamp page.

Full XLR8R+ Members can download the track below. If you’re not an XLR8R+ member, you can read more about it and subscribe here.