Bulgarian producer and film-maker Yavor Zografski (a.k.a. SMYAH) has offered up a track from his recent album as an XLR8R download.

Featured in a recent XLR8R+ Submission Roundup, Zografski released his most recent album, Splitting Atoms, back in October.

The album, which features “Lithium,” a track we discovered and featured in the May Submissions Roundup, presents organic sounds and inspired bass-heavy grooves across 10 colorful tracks of beat science. There are also three songs in three different languages, with vocalists performing in English, Bulgarian, and Russian to demonstrate a “diverse sound that transcends barriers of language,” and to “challenge people to focus on the musical part of the journey, drawing in their own message and reaching their own conclusions,” Zografski explains.

From the release, he has offered up “Rivers of Wind” as an XLR8R download. One of the more chilled tracks on the release, “Rivers of Wind” features affecting piano lines, regenerative textures, and a broken-beat groove that will have you nodding your head and moving your feet.

The track is available as a download below, alongside a video for album cut “Realms,” which was written, directed, and edited by Zografski himself.

You can find listen and purchase links to the full album here.

Full XLR8R+ Members can download the track below. If you’re not an XLR8R+ member, you can read more about it and subscribe here.