Skwee-obsessed Portland outpost Ausland has sent over this off-kilter cut as a preview to the label’s forthcoming Klärvoajans tape, a 20-track collection which compiles contributions from an international cast of beatmakers. “Dr. Ananas” serves as E?SY & C.O.U.‘s effort to the cassette, one which finds the Oslo-based pair crafting an almost-evil beat from bit-chopped drums and revolving electronic squelches, with the occasional bit of woodwind and steel drums thrown in for good measure. Complete with a kind of uneasy sway (a hallmark of the skwee genre) and a host of playful melodies, “Dr. Ananas” would make a fitting soundtrack for the operating room of some demented child doctor. Ausland’s Klärvoajans compilation is set to drop on November 20, but can be pre-ordered via the label’s Bandcamp, where more track previews can also be found.

Dr. Ananas