London duo and verterans of Glasgow’s Numbers imprint, Kodiak is next to step up on Hot Haus—the vinyl offshoot of DJ Haus’ ceaselessly prolific Unknown to the Unknown label—with the three-track Dragon Drop EP (out later this month). Joining the recrod’s two original productions is this remix by fellow Londoner Eliphino, who refits the adventurous sounds of Kodiak’s version into a more focused package. Where “Dragon Drop” is laced with bits of footwork flare, Eliphino’s take leans more towards the steady pulse of house, infusing the slightly jacked beat with a thick, UKG-indebted bassline, a slew of atmospheric chords, and slow-brewing arpeggios which lift the tunes’ soul-drenched vocal chops to the forefront. The rest of Dragon Drop can be previewed after the jump.

Dragon Drop (Eliphino Remix)