This playful piece of analog electronics and lighthearted dance music comes to us from French hardware fetishist Koyote, who recently dropped his first installment of an amibitious EP trilogy via Brooklyn’s Mixpak Records. “Dragonfly Frenzy” won’t be found on that three-song release, but nonetheless offers a raw glimpse into the warm and inviting world of vintage sounds that producer Alexandre Lotz has been hard at work honing for about five years. The tune starts out quite frantically, not really offering a solid groove or single melody to latch onto at first, but eventually coalesces its flitting elements into a big, Solvent-esque jam comprised of a booming TR-909 groove and a host of melodies delivered from Koyote’s beloved Juno-106 and Virus KB synths. There’s plenty more of these sounds on Lotz’s Midsummer Tales EP, which you can listen to here.

Dragonfly Frenzy