For the latest addition to its surprisingly impressive single series, which has already included the likes of Todd Edwards and Juan MacLean, car company-cum-culture hub Scion A/V has released a brand-new tune from old-school freestyle/Hi-NRG artist Corinne (who has only recently returned to the spotlight, thanks to NY’s On the Prowl label), along with four remixes from Mugwump, Runaway, Midnight Magic, and Harkin & Raney. Here, the original version of Corrine’s song, “Dream a Little Dream,” reminds us of the salad days of Miami’s club scene while simultaneously flexing a contemporary sheen to its retro-futuristic production. Analog synths dance lightly around the machine-gun stutter of a vintage drum-machine beat, and Corinne croons innocent verbiage about fantasies, dreams, and “the one” with the grace of a soft-spoken diva who’s done it all; the song might as well be from the ’80s. And if you’re curious enough to find out what the remixes sound like, head here to download those for free.

Dream a Little Dream