According to the press release for the new two-song release by Norwich producer Magic Panda, The Glass Mountains EP (pictured above), his dreamy electronic music has been seven years in the making, only crystalizing into its finished state around January 2010 when he decided to take it out of the studio and onto the stage. That being said, we can excuse 29-year-old Jamie Robson’s ‘Panda’ moniker, and also the sonic similarities he shares with another UK-based Panda on the bubbly “Dream Theory.” The bounty of slightly tweaked sounds that make up the melodic portion of Magic Panda’s upbeat track float and flitter throughout the ambient soundscape he’s crafted here, and are all driven by a quick-pulsing dance rhythm from start to finish. Like we said before, there are certainly elements reminiscent of Gold Panda on “Dream Theory,” but Robson brings a somewhat more organic, almost playful approach to the ambient techno sound, which helps set him apart.

Dream Theory