Due to popular demand, Asthmatic Kitty is soldiering on with two additional volumes of their Library Catalog Music series. Volume 7 was put together by Instruments of Science & Technology (a.k.a. Richard Swift), while direction of the 8th installment was handed to Oakland sound designer and electronic musician Kristin Miltner. “Dreaming Longing” is the first offering from her Music for Dreaming and Playing record, and its sound isn’t exactly easy to describe. Imagine the most beautiful CD skip in the known universe, stretch it for nearly 8 minutes, add extra bleeps and etheral vocals to the mix, and you might have an approximation of what Miltner’s piece sounds like, but this doesn’t do “Dreaming Longing” justice. A soft journey to another world, the track is like Yasunao Tone on laudanum, which is certainly a good thing.

04 Dreaming Longing