The state of Wisconsin may not be the first place you think of when you hear that Dre Skull’s Mixpak label (responsible for releases from the likes of Warrior One, Lil’ Scrappy, and Vybz Cartel) has a new signing with an EP on the way, but that is precisely the place which the imprint’s newest signee, Andy Petr, calls home. The 19-year-old Milwaukee-based producer has offered up this track to help familiarize us with his productions, and if “Drinking Milk From His Hands” is any indication, they’re chock-full of bubbling synths and heavy beats. He’s even thrown in some frantically off-beat toms reminiscent of his Midwestern neighbors from Chicago’s juke scene to fill out this promising slice of futuristic electro. Although Petr’s got a forthcoming Mixpak EP, Rapper Turned Singer, in the works for a May 10 release, this particular track hails from the first volume of the young producer’s ambitious free EP trilogy, APD004, which you can download here.

Drinking Milk From His Hands