The downtempo, hip-hop infused, and blissful music project known as Drishti Beats is a production undertaking that aims to knit music and yoga together for an overall festive and enlightening listening experience. Drishti is a sanskrit term meaning “a concentrated and focused gaze” and the collective creates music with the hopeful intention that listeners and participants “walk away with a higher intention and inspiration to grow your own practice and class content.”

The single “Journey” gained a considerable amount of attention with remixes from both CloZee and Melbourne-based artist Antony Dewhirst (a.k.a Escaping Animals)—who has kindly offered up his version of the track as today’s XLR8R download. This one of a kind producer launches into the track with a colorful buffet of playful sounds, unique uses of space, and a joyful inclination. With a brief and placid hip-hop interlude at the two minute mark, the unpredictable track moves forward full of surprises and vibrant tones.

You can download the track in full below and be sure to check out more from Escaping Animals by going to his SoundCloud page here.

Journey (Escaping Animals remix)