Following the release of his recent Voidic Charms LP, Ultrademon (pictured above) has enlisted NYC producer Machine Girl to remix album cut “Drive U Crazy.” A sleek piece of pop-infused house (which features the talents of The GTW and Zombelle) in its original form, Machine Girl takes the track to slightly more hyperactive territory, sharpening its rhythms with extra doses of fast-paced hats and the occasional chopped break. Furthermore, the rework finds Machine Girl stripping back the original production’s vocal threads, deciding to instead focus his efforts on the song’s many restless, candy-coated synth tones. Machine Girl’s remix for “Drive U Crazy” can be downloaded below while the video for Ultrademon’s original track (out now via Coral) can be watched after the jump.

Drive U Crazy (Machine Girls Undead CPunx Mix)