When writing about music, we often use the word “bounce” or “bouncing” to help describe the plethora of dance beats that make their way through the XLR8R office’s many sets of ears. But were you to look up those words in some sort of online dictionary where music provided definitions, this rework of Sticky and Natalie Storm’s “Look Pon Me” tune by el padre del moombahton, Dave Nada, would be there, waiting for you to hit the play button. Nada’s thick groove is infectious to start, but once those vocals drop into the mix, things are taken to a whole new level of bounce; drop this track in your next DJ set and there won’t be a still body in the room. Taking a break from producing the upcoming Nadastrom album with frequent partner in crime, Matt Nordstrom, the duo has embraced slower tempos and put together a new collection of moombahton remixes, edits, and reworks, calling it the Rum & Coke EP. Those six tracks are available now for free download, here.

Drop Buddy Gal