After dropping his “Time” single via the label last year, DrumTalk is set to return to the Huntleys + Palmers fold with a self-titled EP later this month. Here, the London producer has chosen to reimagine his own “Everything” production—one of four tracks set to arrive on his upcoming EP—sharpening the driving club effort’s percussion while stripping away the original tune’s ghostly vocal layers away entirely. DrumTalk’s “Version” of the track is hardly a sparse affair because of this though; rather, the producer fills the extra space with a rush of soaring synth lines that gradually gain mass as the production rides its full-bodied skip. Ahead of its release on March 16 via Huntleys + Palmers, the record from which DrumTalk’s original “Everything” emanates can be previewed below, where the producer’s generous free offering can also be grabbed.

Everything (Version)