Alter Echo (a.k.a. Josh Derry) and E3 (a.k.a. Ezra Erickson) have long passed the point of no return when it comes to their allegiance to dub. Both sport an exhaustive pedigree with the genre, having collaborated extensively with dub pillars Lee Perry and Scientist, as well as each being former bosses of world renowned label BSI. “Dub is Not Easy,” the b-side from the pair’s forthcoming “Kufic Dub” single, wears its influences proudly, but balances the work that inspired it with a playful, experimental side. One-off samples glide in and out of the mix, the keyboard work sleepily throws in a few quick flourishes, and the tempo jumps up thirty notches before falling back down; what starts as a tip of the hat to the old blood morphs into a salute to the new. Look for Alter Echo & E3’s “Kufic Dub” b/w “Dub is Not Easy” 7″ around March 1 when it drops via Zam Zam Sounds.

Dub Is Not Easy