From the opening bars of Glenn Astro‘s “Dub Tears,” it’s easy to identify where the former part of the track’s name comes from—the six-plus minute tune which closes out the German producer’s forthcoming effort for Tartelet laces its low-swung house with a dub mentality from the onset. The “tears” side of the equation takes a bit longer to reveal itself, though. In truth, “Dub Tears” does flirt with the sentimental side of house early on—utilizing plaintive strings and soft-spoken chords to ride atop the track’s relaxed shuffle—but it isn’t until the three-minute mark that Astro segues into his production’s elongated breakdown, revealing a telling vocal sample about a past “pure love” before the tune rolls on to even deeper territory. Along with “Dub Tears,” the rest of Glenn Astro’s four-track Chemistry EP will see a full release on February 24.

Dub Tears